dolavine: (Jared Hey)
dolavine ([personal profile] dolavine) wrote on December 26th, 2011 at 03:56 pm
Christmas Time is GONE again... \0/ Now for the day after.
So I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope everyone else did also...

My giftees were great..

Season's 1,2 and 6 of Supernatural on Blue ray.. SQUEEEEEEE Now I need 3,4,and5.. =D
A new shark Mop.. cause mine died.. *plays taps* but this one is better, has the corner attachment... squeeeee.
MONEY!!!!!! Weeeee
Lottery Tickets.. although I didn't win anything,scratching was fun... lol
A hot air popcorn popper... I hate microwave popcorn.. burns all the time. ICK.
and my favorite thing.. A picture of my brother's family... AWWWWW I LOVE IT.. Now to hang it. lol

Let me know what you got...

I am so full of goodies, ham, meatballs and spinach dip... argh..

Why do you always feel like crap the day after christmas? Maybe because your full of JUNK and overworked for the past month.. but all in all for one Day its pure Magic.
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